Classes for early childhood music connect your child's love for musical play with age appropriate learning for musical development. Come engage your baby newborn to eighteen months or your toddler 18 months- 2 years old in interactive musical play for whole mind-brain-body development!  

Home is an amazing place for learning! Enjoy the freedom you have to use your space as you'd like. Be sure to clear the floor to make movement safe and fun for you and your child. Designating one area in your home as music class space will help you establish a routine and help you keep the instruments in one handy place for class time.

It is not entirely necessary for your child to see the screen while listening to and participating in class as you model class activities for your child. You are free to determine the best learning context for your child.

Learn how to take your baby successfully through this class series. Learn about the materials you'll need and also gain wonderful insight into how you can make music a part of your every day life with your baby!

Take a trip to the British Isles with the songs you know and love! English nursery rhymes engage your child with rhythm, melody and movement. Your baby, newborn to eighteen months, will enjoy the delightful music and special bonding time with you, all to a steady and rocking beat. Toddlers will also enjoy these classes on their own with you or alongside a baby brother or sister.

Join in the galloping-trotting-bouncing, musical fun in this class for babies ages newborn to eighteen months. Toddlers ages one and two will also enjoy the interactive musical play! As you model the movements and engage your child, your child will receive the lasting gift of musical development.

Sail the open seas and feel the breezy wind in this captivating class for you and your baby! Teach your baby or toddler about the sound of seagulls, a rocking boat on the water, and the joy of musical play!

Bounce and smile, laugh and play as we sing interactive songs for your baby and toddler's musical development. Enjoy connecting with your little one as you model the movements and sing for your child. Toddlers will enjoy this class along with you or alongside a baby brother or sister.

Musically engage your baby with a steady beat as you follow along and join in the rocking, musical play in this carefully crafted class for babies. Toddlers will love moving to the joyful songs and keeping a steady beat with you too!

Join in the fun with delightful songs for musical play for you and your baby! Repeat the rhythmic and tonal patterns with enthusiasm to model the basic building blocks of music for your baby. Toddlers are also invited to join in the fun!

Each class subscription comes with bonus videos. Bonus videos allow you to expand upon the material presented in the classes. For the babies bonus videos, extra lullabies will expand your repertoire of soothing sleepy time songs. Extra pattern videos expose your baby to more foundational elements of music.

Enjoy learning these sweet lullabies to sing with me and also on your own with your precious little one. As always, you may sing with me on any neutral syllable such as "loo-loo" or "ba-ba." Neutral syllables provide another wonderful way to soothe your baby or toddler. As you and your little love spend time with these lullabies, you can weave them into your daily nap routine or evening bedtime routine. 

Your Baby LOVES to hear your voice! Hum along with me or sing with me if you know the words! This easy to follow song includes a demonstration of stroking as full body stimulation while your baby is wide awake. Notice how my baby's feet begin to move and her whole body begins to engage as the song progresses. If you are rocking your baby to sleep, gentle stroking also provides calm and soothing reassurance for your little one. Build your baby's musical foundation by singing the major tonal pattern echoes at the end of the video!

The duple patterns in this video are for you to echo for your little one. There are many patterns here so don't feel you need to tackle this whole video in one sitting at first. Echo the patterns while you have your little one in your lap as you tap the steady beat on your child's legs. (Note: By exposing your child to pattern echoes, you are developing your child's aural foundation. Listening is all that is required of your little one here).

There are many patterns in this bonus video! No need to tackle them all at once. This bonus is designed for you to model more echoes for your little one. You can enjoy letting the video play for your little one to hear while you echo my patterns. Echo the patterns while you have your little one in your lap as you tap the steady beat on your child's legs. (Note: By exposing your child to pattern echoes, you are developing your child's aural foundation. Listening is all that is required of your little one here).

Materials enhance your child's musical experience in class! We recommend that both parent and child have a pair of rhythm sticks, a shaker/rattle, and a scarf.

For a drum, you may use a pot or pan from the kitchen! The Glockenspiel will add to your child's desire for musical exploration, but is entirely optional. The Resonator bars with their beautiful acoustic singing tone are a nice addition if you'd like, but are not necessary for giving your child the complete class experience.

By purchasing a class bundle for your child's level, you will have all the recommended materials to start making music in class. Once you have your instruments, you will not need to buy them again for future class levels.

Recommended Materials

Optional Materials

Hi! I'm Kathryn Brunner! I'm an early childhood music educator. I am passionate about child development and music literacy. Since earning my license and certification as a Musikgarten instructor in 2005, I have had the privilege of leading over a thousand young children in joyful musical play in my own piano and Musikgarten studio, church and community. 

I'm on a mission to help parents and children enjoy making music together! Here at Musik at Home I come alongside parents like you to help you incorporate music into every day life with your little one. I offer Musikgarten's developmentally sequenced classes by way of video to help you savor precious musical moments and give your child a solid foundation on the path to music literacy!